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In this blog article, we would like to briefly announce that European Settlement Scheme has become active from 1st of April 2019. This will be crucial for years to come in terms of your status after Brexit. As Immigration Connection Ltd, we have completed many EEA cases successfully since our establishment and we will put all our resources for helping more EEA citizens residing in the UK with securing their rights. The Brexit process showed everyone that there is and will be uncertainty for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens if they have not legally obtained the relevant documents. Many EU, EEA and Swiss Citizens noticed that there are regulations governing their stay in Britain and these regulations also bring obligations to them. It is always best to seek advice before planning an application, so you can see if in the future you will be able to obtain Settlement or bring family members. Check if your stay is in line with EEA regulations and check if you have the right to work to apply for Settlement or Pre-settlement. Contact us, our advisers will inform you, assess your situation and help you go through this process with a peace of mind.

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