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Recently announced new Points-Based System has been the cause of many arguments, which has now taken to a whole new dimension with the Brexit, and the new system, which puts people before passports, is supposed to be the future of the UK immigration.

According to unknown sources, Secretary of the State Priti Patel told the cabinet that they will be implementing a new system similar to ones in Australia and Canada and it will be implemented before the end of the transition period, she added. These new statements caused a lot of question marks across the public and the commons. The new Points-Bases System is planned to arrive at the end of this year, and it is based on grading new immigrants on pre-determined categories and exceed a pre-determined threshold.

It is also stated that the aim is to attract talents across the globe while denying entrance of the low-skilled immigrants by relying on a pre-election system. Although we do not believe the new system will affect the already-existing low-skilled migrants, it is clear that these changes will affect potential immigrants who wish to live and work in the UK tremendously. However, it can’t be denied that the new system is expected to go a long way in attracting potential talents and qualified immigrants who wish to live in the UK. Similar systems to the new points-based system is already in place in countries like Australia and Canada and the system grades potential immigrants in categories like education, language and qualifications. Ones who exceed the threshold are then allowed to make an application.

Another highly discussed subject was Priti Patel’s statement that the new system would be in effect by the end of 2020 instead of in 2 years. The cabinet and the government officials have stated that this decision would deeply affect many already-existing institutions and systems from NHS to economy, two industries that are very dependent on immigrants, and there will be many changes required. Priti Patel’s statements not only point to a potential deprivation in manpower but also many specialists, law societies and government officials believe that rushing the deadline passed the original timeframe might cause the new system to be imperfect and flawed.

 PM Boris Johnson also stated in his speech at the UK-Africa Summit that the new system would put passports before people and favour an individual’s qualifications before their religion, race or nation. The notion that when done right, the new system can thrive and make the country a better place is also quite popular with the public.

For now, it is safe to say that ECAA, both Turkish Businessperson and Turkish Worker, applications’ extension and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications are safe. However, we also believe that the new Points-Based System is sure to cause a lot of confusion and conflict in its early ages.

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