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A long-awaited visa opportunity, the Graduate Route, is finally here. The students who successfully complete higher education in the UK will be able to work in the UK, without any sponsorship, for two years, or three years for doctoral students. The applications officially start on 01 July 2021. With this blog post, Immigration Connection brings you all the details you should know about the Graduate Route.

Who can Apply?

The graduate route applies to the students who have completed a course at degree level or above, at a Higher Education course provider in the UK, and hold a valid student visa on or after 1 July 2021. The programme they are enrolled to must be a UK higher education provider. The course must be at least an undergraduate program or a higher level and the students must successfully complete the programme to be eligible for the Graduate Route.

Due to COVID-19, the applicants do not have to be in the UK to enrol and study in an eligible program. However, to be able to apply under the Graduate Route, the students who started their education in Autumn 2020 must enter the UK before 21 June 2021 and those who began their studies in Winter 2021 must be in the UK before 27 September 2021. Therefore, it is possible for the students to continue their studies outside of the UK and then come to the UK and benefit from the Graduate Route provided that they meet the foregoing deadlines!

When to Apply?

The applications will open on 01 July 2021. Therefore, anyone who completes a qualified program in the UK as of 01 July 2021 can apply for the Graduate Route. Those who will successfully complete the program after 01 July 2021 can make their applications at any time.

What are the Benefits?

With the Graduate Route, the students can stay in the UK way longer than those who completed their studies before 1 July 2021. This route allows an applicant to search for a job or to work in the UK for two years (for undergraduate or a higher degree), or three years (for PhD studies). For the period during which the applicants are part of the Graduate Route, no sponsorship is required. It means there is no restriction in the field of work, and it will be possible to change the workplace without following any formalities.

How to Apply?

As the leading firm in this field, Immigration Connection provides transparent, expeditious and top-quality services to its clients. With our student-friendly pricing policy, our team is ready to assist you if you want to benefit from the Graduate Route. Please contact us for further details.


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