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Administrative Review
If your application was refused you can ask for an administrative review on your case. Administrative reviews are different to the traditional appeals, mainly for restricting the right to provide further evidence.
Home Office removed the right of appeal using the tribunal's services in the case of refusal, from multiple categories. The changes came into effect from the 6th of April 2015. Therefore the only pathway to object a decision is now limited to asking for a second consideration on your case. The biggest drawback of administrative reviews is the applicant cannot provide further new evidence and information. The administrative review team will not consider the additional evidence and information which were not presented to the initial caseworker at the time of consideration. 
  • If you have the right to request an administrative review you will be informed on this right in your refusal letter
  • The time period to submit an administrative review is 14 calendar days if you are in the UK
  • If you have made an out-of-country application you will have 28 calendar days to submit your application

Fees and Processing
  • The application is online
  • Administrative Review will also require a fee payment. Please inquire about the up-to-date fees. In some categories, the applicants are exempt from fee payment.

We advise all our clients to ensure all relevant information and evidence to be included in the application file prior to the submission of the case. We also present a detailed legal representation explaining and introducing each piece of evidence and highlight the relevant rules and regulations relevant to the case.

If an application was submitted with missing documents, it must be best to submit a fresh application providing full evidence and information. If the applicant is within the UK, they can choose to do so within 14 days after the refusal. However, information on this will vary depending on the case and the category that the application submitted. 

The administrative review right should be used after a detailed evaluation of evidence and circumstances. You can book an appointment with us to request an evaluation and advice on your case. We provide "technical advice sessions" to advise the applicants whose case was refused. Please email to [email protected] to book a session with our experts.

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