What is the Global Talent Visa?

Global Talent Visa is one of UKVI’s newest introductions with the purpose of attracting industry leaders or potential leaders in various fields, from academia to arts and digital technology.

Although it is a considerably new category, it is an updated version of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. The successful candidates are provided with a highly flexible visa to spread their wings in the UK to bring out the best they can achieve in the highly diverse, cutting edge and innovative UK market.

Successful immigrants will not be imposed any work restrictions, and those granted “industry leader” status by the endorsing bodies will be led to indefinite leave to remain, known as settlement, shorter than average permanent residence times, which is only 3 years.

For those in the promising leader category, the qualifying period for Indefinite Leave to Remain is 5 years, the same as other standard work categories.

The endorsement eligibility criteria differ significantly for different categories.

Let’s look at the Global Talent Visa fields:

    • Academia and research

    • Arts and culture

    • Digital technology

Although the criteria are unique and distinct from one another for each of these fields and their sub-categories, all applications are divided into two stages.

Stage 1 – Endorsement

The first stage entails obtaining an endorsement. Endorsement means that a relevant institution or an endorsing body designated by the UKVI examines your application following the endorsement eligibility criteria and decides whether you are deemed to be a leader or a potential leader in your industry.

For each field, there are designated institutions handling the endorsement process, with some fields offering multiple. For example, Tech Nation is the sole endorsing body for the Digital Technology field. Meanwhile, if you apply through Arts and Culture, based on your industry, RIBA or Arts Council England, among others, might review your endorsement application.

The UKVI separates industry leaders (a.k.a. exceptional talent) and promising leaders (a.k.a. exceptional promise) by your experience. Whether you’re a leader or a potential leader changes the endorsing body’s expectations of you and, therefore, the supporting evidence to be presented.

Although the endorsement stage is considered mandatory if you are a recipient of one of the listed awards that are recognised under Global Talent Visa regulations, you may proceed to the second stage straightaway.

It is also important to note that you can make multiple endorsement applications should your initial one be rejected. However, the result will likely be the same unless your circumstances change or you believe your application has not been presented to its full potential.

This is where we come into the play. Whether it is your first application or not, if you believe you fulfil the criteria and need expert assistance in presenting it with top-notch care and diligence, definitely email us for a free consultation: or contact us via +44 (0) 7948721767. Our experts will do a free screening to check your eligibility and the next steps.

Stage 2 – Visa Application

Once you have succeeded in your endorsement application, the second stage begins. Within 90 days of receiving your endorsement letter, you are expected to apply for the Global Talent Visa. If you are our client or become our client at this stage, we will initiate the preparations for the second stage and continue to guide and assist you as your legal representative in your visa application.

How Do We Support You?

Working with Immigration Connection can bring much clarity and step-by-step expert touch to your endorsement and visa application stages in the Global Talent Visa category. We have all the Global Talent Visa sub-categories covered and can advise you in an organised manner to help you show your best. We assist you in gathering the right evidence in accordance with the published guidelines of the relevant endorsing bodies. Presenting the right evidence in the right way will remove many roadblocks ahead of you, so you don’t get refused due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Presenting your achievements, industry leadership, talents, and skills with the right evidence and presentation will contribute to the success of your application. Having specialised in business and work visas and contributed to thousands of businesspeople’s success journeys in the UK, we can help you with our specialist immigration advice and services.

Request A Free Consultation

Feel free to get in touch to share your plans and request a free consultation for initial screening. We identify your next steps and inform you about different options to suit your needs and budget.

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