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Permanent Residence as an EEA National
Individuals who are nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are subject to different rules and regulations in relation to UK immigration (Subject to changes in Brexit)
Requirements and Documentation of 5-year residency during which you have to be in the UK at least 6 months in any 12-month period of: 
  • Working 
  • Studying 
  • Self-employed 
  • Self-sufficient 
  • Looking for work 

Fees and Processing

EU Settlement Scheme : 
After documenting permanent residence, you can apply for the EU settlement scheme using an Android device with NFC capabilities through EU Exit: ID Document Check application. IOS version to be released at a later date.

Permanent Residence Fee: £65
EU Settlement Fee: Free
EU Settlement Scheme Application Deadlines
Deadline: 30 June 2021 (deal)
Deadline: 31 December 2020 (no deal)
Deadline: 31 December 2025 (if Swiss national)

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