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Registration Certificate
EEA and Swiss Nationals who are residing in the UK under certain circumstances can apply for a Registration Certificate 
if they can prove their QP (Qualified Person) status.
The UK government assured the protection of existing rights of EEA and Swiss nationals after the Brexit. EEA and Swiss nationals who are already in the UK can continue to live in the UK and apply under EU Settlement Scheme. Although this application seems irrelevant due to the changing regulations, those with non-EEA family members can benefit from obtaining Registration Certificate and Residence Permit to enable the EU settlement scheme to confirm the pre-settled or settled status easily.


Applicants can apply for a Registration Certificate if they are in the UK and in one of the below sub-categories:
  • Worker
  • Self-employed
  • Self-sufficient
  • Student
  • Jobseeker (only under certain conditions)

Processing and fees

Applicants can get a result in 2-4 weeks and the application fee is £65 for each family member.
Registration Certificate holders and their family members can apply for pre-settled status if they have been continuously living in the UK for less than 5 years or settled status if they are in the UK for at least 5 years.
For more information, please read Permanent Residence and Settled Status.
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