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Representative of An Overseas Business
This category is for the representative of the businesses setting up a branch or subsidiary in the UK. The applicant must not be the majority shareholder in the business. The applicants may apply for Settlement after 5 year continuous lawful residence. An employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation can also apply under this route if they were appointed to a UK post for long-term.
Applicants must have sufficient funds to support themselves without recourse to public funds. They must also meet A1 Level English requirement.

Sole representatives

Eligibility requirements to obtain a Representative of an Overseas Business visa are not extensive. However, the company's genuine intention to set up a branch or subsidiary should be proven by submitting the relevant evidence. Home Office caseworkers will evaluate the applicant's skills, experience and knowledge to decide whether the appointment of the staff to this UK branch/subsidiary is genuine. Therefore, both the company's and the applicant's background will be examined in the decision-making process.
If the parent company executives have already established a network of potential clients, attended meetings, executed market research these will be taken into account. Britain offers significant advantages to Overseas businesses and especially after Brexit more Overseas businesses are expected to fill the gap in the market to provide products and services. Each requirement listed below corresponds to certain documents that must be included in the file. A business plan should be presented to provide the reports, research and previous work executed to set up this branch/subsidiary in the UK. Home Office caseworkers will examine each document in line with the eligibility requirements before granting the UK visa. 

The applicant must:
  • Be recruited and employed outside the UK by an active and trading overseas business
  • Have the skills, experience and knowledge to fill the role of a sole representative
  • Be in a senior position within the business 
  • Not own or control the majority of the business
  • Have full authority to make decisions on the company's behalf
  • Intend to establish the overseas business’s first commercial presence in the UK, which might be a registered branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary
  • The applicant can also be eligible if the business has a legal entity in the UK, however, does not employ staff

Newspaper, news agency or broadcast employees

As an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation, you can come to the UK if you’re being posted here on a long-term assignment.

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