Sponsorship Licence for UK Visas

Are you considering hiring individuals from outside the UK? Following Brexit, in many sectors, the need for hiring skilled workers has been a challenging journey due to the comprehensive immigration provisions to bring these skills under the appropriate sponsorship licence.

If your business also has plans to hire immigrant workers, we explain the primary steps and important points to consider.

Your first step will be to obtain the appropriate licence to sponsor the workers. Before submitting an application, there are several points to consider.

1- Type of Sponsorship Licence: Understand what type of licence your business requires

2- Infrastructure: Evaluate the readiness of your business to obtain this sponsorship licence. In addition to creating a sponsorship management system, the UKVI will evaluate your existing business infrastructure and systems to understand whether your business is ready to take on such responsibility.

3- Preparation: If certain preparations are needed, create a plan to ensure that your company complies with the requirements. At this stage, you may want to consider bringing new systems and updating existing procedures to create space for managing the responsibilities. You will also need to prepare supporting evidence and additional informative documents to demonstrate your plans to the UKVI.

4- Sponsorship Management System: Depending on the type of sponsorship you are applying for, your organisation will require a Sponsorship Management System (SMS) to be established. This system will be formed with people who are taking the lead roles in compliance, implementation and communication to ensure the migrant worker(s) have been employed and their processes have been followed up in line with the rules and regulations. You will need to inform the Home Office about who will hold main roles at the time of application. The main roles will be Authorising Officer, Level 1 user and Key Contact.

5- Submission: Submit an application to the UKVI with a well-prepared supporting evidence file to outline all the UKVI caseworkers need to know, such as your business activities, organisational structure, employment plans and explanation as to why you need the licence. The documents you will need to provide, and explanations you need to make will vary depending on the type of your Sponsorship Licence.

6- Communication: After submitting the sponsorship licence, continue to monitor any correspondence from the Home Office, as there might be a need to send further evidence and answer some questions.

7- Interview: Although this is not always the case, the officers from UKVI might want to meet you to ask questions and understand your plans in an in-person meeting. Be prepared to answer all the necessary questions if a visit to your premises is found necessary.

Understanding and navigating complex procedures and making the right decisions can be challenging for the business, especially if you don’t have a legal team in-house. Seeking advice from a UK immigration expert can make your journey to sponsoring a worker much more hassle-free and smooth. We take pride in managing the process by providing training to the businesses as we go. The information you gather from us throughout the process will help you not only obtain your sponsorship licence but also maintain it. If the Home Office notices issues in your Sponsorship Management System, they may reduce your rating from A to B and give you some tasks to improve your rating or revoke your licence, leaving your business and workers at a really difficult phase.

At Immigration Connection, we provide step-by-step guidance to walk you through the process and follow your project, covering all the aspects.

1- Pre-Consultancy to evaluate your readiness and determine the types of licence
2- Sponsorship Licence Application
3- Training you for managing your Sponsorship Management System to make sure you comply with the UKVI’s provisions to avoid revocation of licence
4- Submitting applications to bring the migrant worker(s)

Our dedicated experts will listen to your needs and examine the information relevant to your organisation and the employment plans you have in mind. We will tell you how it is likely for you to complete your hiring process successfully and if there are any risks and non-compliance issues that prevent you from legally hiring the workers you wish to bring to the UK.

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The first step is to obtain the appropriate licence to sponsor workers. This licence is essential for legally hiring skilled workers from outside the UK.

Understanding the licence type your business requires is crucial. Seek advice from UK immigration experts who can assess your situation and help you choose the right licence type. Depending on the skill level and job description of the migrant worker you wish to bring and the facts and figures fo your business, you may have more than options to choose from. We look into your options and inform you about the relevant responsibilities and costs. You then go ahead and make an informed decision.

Depending on the type of sponsorship you’re applying for, you may need to establish an SMS. It’s a system that ensures compliance, implementation, and communication related to migrant workers. You must inform the Home Office about key roles, including Authorising Officer, Level 1 user, and Key Contact.

After submission, monitor any correspondence from the Home Office, as you may need to provide further evidence or answer questions. In some cases, you might be interviewed by UKVI officers to discuss your plans in person.

A UK immigration expert can provide step-by-step guidance, evaluate your readiness, assist with the licence application, and offer training for managing the SMS to ensure compliance. Seeking expert advice can streamline the process and help you maintain your licence. Immigration Connection offers comprehensive services to assist businesses through each step of the process.

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