Having received your Certificate of Sponsorship, businesses are required to meet certain standards
  • Companies have responsibilities to keep the Certificate of Sponsorship which has been granted to them
  • There are financial criteria, as well as compliance checks on immigration rules
  • Companies must conduct the terms that were declared to the Home Office during the employment period of the non-EEA migrant worker
  • Companies must keep strict records on the employment details of the sponsored migrant
  • Companies have sponsorship duties with regards to the nature of their type and duration of sponsorship
  • Before the expiry date of your current sponsorship license, you have to apply for a renewal. Otherwise you will no longer be a registered sponsor and the migrant workers that are employed at the company must stop working as soon as 60 days
  • There is a renewal fee, that varies according to the size of your company
  • This renewal can be done via Sponsorship Management System