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Spouse of British
This visa type is for those who are coming to the UK as the dependent of their British national spouse or spouse of a settled person

In order to successfully apply, applicants must:
  • Prove that they and their partner are both aged over 18 years
  • Be legally able to marry under UK law or have an existing partnership that is valid
  • Demonstrate that they have met their partner in person and the relationship is genuine
  • Meet the suitability requirements (i.e. applicant is being deported or has a prison record, it is in public interest to not be admitted to the UK, the applicant has outstanding bills or cannot be admitted for medical reasons or the applicant has not met requests of UK Border Agency).
  • Show that any previous relationships have completely ended
  • Intend to live with their partner in the UK permanently
  • Meet the financial requirement (minimum of £18,600 but dependent on the situation).
  • Meet the English language requirement (speak English to the required level).

Applicants are able to transition into this category if they are currently in the UK under another immigration category.

The application fee for the family of a British citizen or settled person visa requires a fee payment to the Home Office. You will be required to pay Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) unless you are exempt.

Fees and Processing

 £1,523 application fee if from outside-the-UK, £1,033 application fee if from within-the-UK and £1,000 for Immigration Health Surcharge.  Home Office reaches a decision with your application within 8 weeks.

For more information regarding the application process, the documents required and fees, please contact us on 00 44 (0) 7948721767 or at info@immigrationconnection.co.uk.
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