SEDANUR SAHIN: Operations Manager at Immigration Connection


Operations Manager

Sedanur Şahin has built a multifaceted career, combining a strong educational background in Sociology with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Psychology Education. She has received additional training in psychology, leadership, management, and advanced coaching. Starting as a Psychological Counselor, she has progressively advanced her career towards Management roles. She has been serving as the Operations Manager at Immigration Connection for 7 years.

In her managerial role, Sedanur is responsible for organising and monitoring processes meticulously, ensuring efficiency and maintaining high-quality standards. Customer service is a key focus for her, and she is committed to transparency and acting in good faith, creating optimal experiences for clients navigating the immigration process.

Outside of her professional life, Sedanur is deeply passionate about music. She has been playing the drums with a performance group for over five years and has engaged in various dances for over a decade. Her love for music extends to exploring diverse cultures and collecting records. As an active member of the Turkish Classical Music Choir, she continues her musical journey.

These personal interests not only showcase Sedanur’s artistic side but also contribute to her ongoing personal development journey. By immersing herself in music, nature, and artistic pursuits, she strives to become the best version of herself. Her diverse skills and interests make her a well-rounded individual, both in her professional and personal life.

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