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ECAA, European Community Association Agreement that came into force in 1973, Turkish Businessperson visa allows Turkish Citizens to apply with a proposed business to stay in the UK as long as they're running their proposed business.
Applicants must provide the following criteria:
  • You are a Turkish Citizen
  • You have a proposed business
  • You are going to run or help running the proposed business
  • You have a business proposal and a business plan explaining your proposed business
  • You have sufficient funds to establish the proposed business and these funds are your own
  • You have sufficient qualifications to run your proposed business

Processing and fees

It is free to apply to ECAA - Turkish Businessperson visa and it is possible to apply from both within or outside the UK. Processing times are 12 weeks for outside-the-UK applications and 6 months for within-the-UK applications although actual processing times may vary.
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