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Welcome to Immigration Connection Ltd, your premier destination for expert immigration legal services in the heart of London. Our team of highly skilled Immigration Advisers is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance for all your UK immigration needs.

Our Immigration Lawyers and Advisers

At Immigration Connection Ltd, we're more than just your advisers; we're your partners in navigating the path to your UK immigration goals. Let us help you achieve success with the confidence that comes from having experienced professionals by your side.


CEO, Immigration Adviser OISC Level 3
NUSRA SAHIN: CEO, Immigration Adviser OISC Level 3 at Immigration Connection

Nusra founded Immigration Connection in 2011 as an immigrant with an in-depth understanding of the..


Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1
IREM AYHEKIM: Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1 at Immigration Connection

Irem Ayhekim is a highly dedicated and passionate professional in the field of immigration. As..


Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1
HAKSAL KILIC: Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1 at Immigration Connection

Haksal Kilic is a Level 1 Immigration Adviser. After completing his undergraduate degree in the..


Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1
Bora Demiray: Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1 at Immigration Connection

Bora Demiray is a Level 1 Immigration Advisor with 6 years of experience in the..

Why Choose Our Immigration Advisers?

At Immigration Connection Ltd, we understand the complexities of immigration law and the challenges you may face when navigating through your visa application process. Our Immigration Advisers are not just lawyers; they are specialists authorized at Level 3 by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), capable of handling the most intricate immigration cases with precision and care.

Our Expert Team

Each adviser comes with a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge in various aspects of UK immigration law, including family, work, business, and student visas, as well as human rights applications and appeals.

  • Personalized Approach: We believe in a personalized approach to legal advising. By understanding your unique situation, our advisers can tailor their guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes for your immigration applications.
  • High Success Rates: Leveraging years of experience and a deep understanding of immigration law, our team operates with an impressive success rate, helping clients achieve their dreams of living, working, or studying in the UK.
  • Exceptional Client Care: Our commitment to client care sets us apart. From the moment you contact us, you’ll receive dedicated support and clear communication, ensuring you’re informed and confident throughout your immigration journey.

Our Services

Our Immigration Advisers offer a range of services designed to meet your specific immigration needs:

  • Family Visas: Reunite with your loved ones in the UK with our expert guidance.
  • Work Visas: Navigate the process of working in the UK with our comprehensive support.
  • Business Visas: Start or invest in a UK business with confidence, knowing you have our expertise behind you.
  • Student Visas: Pursue your studies in the UK with our help every step of the way.
  • Human Rights Applications and Appeals: Tackle complex cases with our specialized knowledge and compassionate approach.

Get in Touch with Immigration Lawyers: 44 7948 721767 &

If you’re in search of a dedicated immigration lawyer to guide you through the complexities of UK immigration law, look no further. At Immigration Connection Ltd, we are here to provide expert advice and personalized support for all your immigration needs. Reach out to us directly at 44 7948 721767 or send us an email at Our team of skilled immigration lawyers is committed to offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring a seamless and successful immigration process. Whether you’re applying for a visa, facing an immigration challenge, or seeking legal representation, we’re here to assist every step of the way. Contact us today to start your journey towards achieving your UK immigration goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Do I need an immigration lawyer in the UK?

Yes, you may need an immigration lawyer in the UK if you’re dealing with complex immigration issues, applying for a visa, seeking to appeal a visa decision, or facing immigration enforcement actions. An immigration lawyer can provide expert legal advice, help you navigate the complexities of immigration law, and represent you in legal proceedings, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Who can provide immigration advice in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, immigration advice can be provided by lawyers or solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), barristers, and advisers registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). It’s important to seek advice from a professional who is qualified and authorized to give immigration advice.

How can I get free immigration advice?

We understand the complexities of immigration law and the stress it can cause. That’s why we offer a 15-minute free consultation service to help you navigate your immigration journey. Whether you’re applying for a visa, facing legal challenges, or just seeking guidance, our expert immigration advisers are here to provide professional, personalized advice at no cost.

Don’t navigate the complexities of immigration law alone. Take advantage of our free consultancy service today. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards resolving your immigration queries with confidence. Let us help you understand your rights and options with no obligation.

Who can help me with my immigration case?

Your immigration case can be assisted by:

  • Immigration lawyers or solicitors specialized in UK immigration law.
  • Registered immigration advisers authorized by the OISC.

Ensure that whoever you choose is qualified and authorized to offer immigration advice.

What do immigration lawyers in the United Kingdom do?

Immigration lawyers in the United Kingdom provide a range of services related to immigration law, including:

  • Advising on visa applications, extensions, and appeals.
  • Assisting with asylum applications and appeals.
  • Representing clients in immigration courts and tribunals.
  • Advising on issues related to citizenship, residency, and deportation.
  • Helping businesses with immigration issues related to hiring foreign workers.

Their expertise ensures that clients are well informed about their rights and options and receive professional representation throughout their immigration process.

Can an immigration lawyer speed up my application process?

An immigration lawyer can’t directly speed up the processing time of your application as the processing times are determined by the immigration authorities. However, they can ensure that your application is complete, accurate, and well-presented, which can help avoid delays caused by errors or missing information.

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration adviser?

The main difference lies in the level of legal training and the scope of services they can offer. Immigration lawyers are qualified legal professionals who can provide a wide range of legal services, represent clients in court, and give legal advice. Immigration advisers can offer advice on immigration matters and help with applications, but they may not have a legal qualification and their scope to represent clients in legal proceedings is limited.

Can an immigration lawyer help me if my visa application has been denied?

Yes, an immigration lawyer can be very helpful if your visa application has been denied. They can review the reasons for denial, advise you on the best course of action, and assist with filing an appeal or a new application if applicable. Their expertise in immigration law can be crucial in addressing the issues that led to the denial of your application.

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