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Post Brexit Immigration System

19th February 2020

The topic of immigration was in the spotlight during the Pre-Brexit period. Now that Brexit has actually happened and the transition period has been s...


The Effective Date of the Points-Based Migration System Has Been Announced

18th February 2020

Recently announced new Points-Based System has been the cause of many arguments, which has now taken to a whole new dimension with the Brexit, and the...


Future of Immigration

25th June 2019

Rules governing the relations between states are defined by international, bilateral or multilateral agreements. These agreements ensure that countrie...


May Full of Hope

29th May 2019

Earlier in May, politics left the UK mainstage for a while. Then came the Conservative – Labor talks negotiating a sound Brexit plan to back in the pa...


Labo(u)r Day

3rd May 2019

On April 30th Tuesday, day before the Labor Day, Labour Party had a meeting amongst themselves to decide upon their stance for Brexit. They had variou...

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