Bora Demiray: Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1 at Immigration Connection


Immigration Adviser / OISC Level 1

Bora Demiray is a Level 1 Immigration Advisor with 6 years of experience in the UK Immigration Law. He has assisted countless migrants and their families with their applications. He has a passion and a specialisation in EU law applications, family unions, and business visas. 

With an educational background and a lifelong interest in computer sciences and engineering, he has a unique approach to the problems and challenges that come with immigration law. He has also completed a suit of training on UK immigration law and procedures at UCL and other respected institutions. 

Over his career, he had the chance to witness significant changes in the UK’s policies and laws. And thus, he puts adaptation and knowledgeability at the very core of his values. 

As a pillar of our company’s values, he believes in continuous learning, honesty, open communication, and unwavering trust.

In his free time, he indulges in music and music equipment, technology, art, and informational content.

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