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Nusra Sahin

CEO, Immigration Adviser OISC Level 3

Nusra founded Immigration Connection in 2011 as an immigrant with an in-depth understanding of the main challenges and rewards of starting a new life and a business in a foreign country.

She holds two Master’s degrees: An MSc in Communication from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkiye, 2005 and an MBA in Marketing from the Europen School of Economics, London, UK, 2008.
After working as a business consultant and paralegal in the immigration industry and completing her initial studies and exams, she gained her Level 1 certification with the OISC in 2011. She continued her immigration law studies and professional experience, gaining specialist knowledge and achieved the competence tests at a highly respected level of Level 3 with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), in 2014.

With her Level 3 Immigration Adviser certification, she ensures that Immigration Connection Ltd can respond to all the possible needs of its clients, from UK visa application services to complex immigration cases that require the attention of a specialist, such as applications outside the immigration rules, appeals, advocacy and representation at immigration hearings.

Immigration Connection Ltd was founded with a vision of simplifying the processes for the clients to create a smoother experience during an important time in their lives. Accuracy of advice, client care, and other values have helped the team excel in their work and grow exponentially since its establishment.
Even though the company offers a wide range of UK Visa Services, the biggest percentage of the work Nusra deals with are work, business, family visas and administrative reviews.

Nusra attends business and industry-related fairs and exhibitions, gives interviews to the media and writes regularly about the changes and updates in the UK Immigration field.

She has a passion for human rights and freedom of speech and often dreams about a border-free, peaceful world filled with multicultural, diverse and open societies. She believes justice systems, and especially the immigration field, have a powerful role in moving towards this possible future if we can bring more compassion and dialogue into our systems, communities and nations. Empowering others to fulfil their dreams and become the best version of themselves is also a part of this big vision.

In addition to her career as a CEO and Immigration Adviser, she also writes, speaks and mentors people in the area of spirituality, consciousness and coaching. She mentors people in accessing their highest potential, fulfilling their greater purpose in life and creating and manifesting abundance in tune with their true essence.

She has published an ebook, “Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth”, and founded an online education platform “School of Multidimensional Consciousness”. In these educational endeavours, she finds ample opportunities to experience her creativity and work towards her greater purpose.

Nusra publishes content on her social media platforms, holds online events, and collaborates with other content creators who wish to make an impact on the world.

She loves travelling. Portugal is her favourite destination so far. She travels for leisure and to explore opportunities for expansion, networking, investment, and learning about different cultures.



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